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It's very nice to meet you (: I'm Romi Sheetrit, married for the second time to Elihu and a loving mother to Almog and Lia Zohar and two other heart children, Ram and Eyal, my husband's children from his previous marriage.

I am happy to be part of a connected family for 7 years.

Has a bachelor's degree in education with a specialization in art. 

Certified parenting instructor from Kay and Shafi College, accompanies mothers and young families in their first steps to expand their family as well as connected families, of couples in Chapter B and beyond who have reached the new relationship with children from the previous relationship.

The daughter of Simcha and Peniel.

Ahikam's sister, Itai and Eilat.

Proud and loving aunt to my 3 nieces and 7 nephews.

I was born and raised in Beer Sheva. During my first degree I lived in Mount Adar, a settlement near Jerusalem and I enjoyed every minute, I lived for about 4 years in Moshav Kahmin, one year in Mitar and one year in Mitzpe Ramon and I returned with love to Be'er Sheva the city where I grew up, my parents and my little sister live here, an important part - inseparable from my heart..._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

 I love the sea. This is the place where I am always happy to go, no matter when and what seasons of the year.

I gave my name to myself, at the age of 34, because I didn't connect with the name they gave me and a lack of connection with myself, in my opinion, greatly affects my motherhood and the ability to give love to myself and those around me.


Romi  Blog


my intention

Accompanying and guiding parents

Through our children's first relationship with us, they form the way they will connect with the world and the way they will build relationships with those around them.

Accompanying peaceful families

A peaceful family is a family that exists 

in which one or more people are hard of hearing, deaf and/or mute.

Following the situation may arise

Difficulties between family members.

How can the shared family space be developed?

Accompanying women after their first birth

You are after the first birth.

After a period of crazy hi you were wrapped and taken care of in every way.

Your partner went to work 

And you are alone with all the feelings and emotions

And with a baby who needs you every second.

How do you manage such a period well?

Accompanying connected families

You finally found a new relationship, 

After a divorce and a challenging period.

Now you want to move in together.

You both have children.

It is important for you to keep them and

The wonderful couple you found.

So how do you do it?


They wrote about me

" I take tools from you, how to behave with the children and it works so well... I can't believe how well it works

What I learned in the training just works!

I accept everything with love - you wrap me up"

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