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Accompanying peaceful families

Peaceful families are families that have one or more people who have a sensory deprivation such as: hard of hearing, deaf or mute.

Sometimes the phenomenon is congenital and sometimes it is a new condition in the family that appears as a result of a health condition.

I refuse to call "disability" hard of hearing, deafness or difficulty speaking.

As a child I spent long vacations in Kiryat Yam, with my cousin and my best friend who is deaf-mute. I remember long days of spending time with her and her friends.

I remember the feeling they conveyed to me that "hearing people don't see and treat them or they radiate impatience and they sometimes feel pushed aside and unwanted".

I could write a long list about the many challenges faced by people with hearing and speech impairments and still, I will not be convinced that it is a disability.

On the contrary, this silence, the filtering of the background noises that the deaf get - is a gift.

And if everyone will be aware that sensory deprivation does not define anyone but can indicate other phenomenal abilities, then it is very possible that it will be received differently and the challenge of the peaceful families can become minimal, minimal.


I invite you to look at this situation as something that happened for you and for your benefit.

Maybe because of my childhood memories, maybe for reasons that feel to people that sometimes in my eyes some of us are 'transparent', it is important for me to respond to deaf parents who need parental guidance. for support and inclusion.

It is important to me to be here for you and for you, dear parents.

In our meetings, we will find together the best way, for you and for the children , to build a strong and stable relationship based on mutual consideration and deep thinking about the need that each party has in the family space. 

For more details, click   on the phone number that appears at the bottom of the page .

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