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Accompanying and guiding parents

Parenting is the children's first relationship, on this basis my training and work process with you/them is built.

Through our children's first relationship with us, they form the way they will connect with the world and the way they will build relationships with those around them.

Based on this concept, in my opinion, even a relationship that started in a non-ideal way can become good through changing the attitude, the discourse and also the non-verbal communication. All of us, as parents, as human beings make mistakes in parenting and we are not always aware that there is a possibility to correct. At each stage. That's what I believe. 

Moreover, admitting our mistakes and correcting them is a wonderful way to teach our children to do so themselves and to recognize a quality that is important for them to develop - self-awareness. 

Alongside this, empowerment is the other important thing that should be the second thread in parenting. Focusing on the good that exists in our children and enhancing it is a wonderful way to create more good memories with our children and with us and also to establish the relationship.

In our meetings we will work together and establish your relationship with your child in the best possible way from a place of positivity and empowerment, because ultimately the ultimate goal of the process is to enjoy parenting and family life.

For more details, click on the phone number at the bottom of the page and correspond with me.

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