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Accompanying women after their first birth

Childbirth may be a good experience that matches the mother's early expectations or, alternatively, a challenging, difficult and even traumatic experience for the physical body and soul of the mother who experiences many changes.

In addition to this, the family structure and balance also change, therefore, in the first months after the birth, there are several important things that the mother-to-be needs, in order to succeed in the most optimal way during this exciting and challenging period: rest, help and food.

When the mother has support in these areas and help over time (the length of the period can mainly be determined by her), she begins motherhood (for that baby in particular or as a new mother, in general) in the best way for her, for the baby and for the rest of the family , the nuclear and the extended.

I offer my services to new mothers who have given birth for the first time and suddenly, they are alone because their partner has already returned to work. I came up with the idea of providing such a service out of the great appreciation and respect I have for mothers wherever they are and out of an awareness of the difficulty and loneliness that may arise during this period, from my personal experience after the birth of my eldest son. Support and help can bring about good changes in family life. It is a sense of mission for me to give mothers what they need most in this period. support. listening. the bride the intent.

I received the wonderful inspiration the day I had the privilege of being and accompanying a birth for the first time - I accompanied my sister through the process of her first birth when she gave birth to my beloved niece..

What does my service include? 

A listening ear at the maternity hospital or in my office. 

Support in establishing the relationship with the baby.

Accompanying in building innovations in the relationship, from the change created in the family balance. 

The bride, the intention and lots of love.

Don't be alone, I will be happy to accompany you in the exciting moments of your life and make sure together with you that the road begins with lots of love, together..

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