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Accompanying connected families

Hello, I'm Romy. Married in Chapter B and part of a connected family of three sons and a daughter. If I had known 7 years ago what I know today, the family connection would have started much better...

Connected families are families that start with a partnership of two who have children from a previous relationship/marriage.  that is, Parity Chapter 2, 3 (any letter you want)..

When the couples wish to live together - to unite the families and create a common space where they will live both as a couple and as a family, together with the children, challenges may arise.

Sometimes the connection is not as immediate and exciting as the couple connection was.

This of course causes frustration, disappointment and may even undermine the relationship to some extent.

As good as it may be and as significant as it may be, the marital connection is not the only factor that affects the quality of the family connection.

It is worth remembering that the more souls involved in the connection, the more complex it is.

That is, each child comes with his/her own temperament, desires, fears and attachment abilities.

In addition, parenting by itself, without the complexity of a connected family, is like a roller coaster with ups and downs. Not least, parenting in a connected family where there are two parents but they are not the biological-natural parents of all the children and this has an impact on parental authority and the ability to create shared family boundaries and values.

However, discussion and preparation in advance, as well as choosing the right steps and actions towards the connection and moving in together, may promote the creation of the common space gradually and in better alignment with all the pieces of the puzzle called "connected family" and even greatly minimize the expected challenges if no preparation had been made.

So, don't be alone with the challenges, it can be done differently.

Even if you have already taken the step and moved to live together as a connected family, at every stage it is possible to give the right answer and make a change together.

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