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Accompanying and guiding parents

Children's first relationship is with their parents, through which they learn and consolidate the way in which they made contact with the world and weave relationships with those around them.

How to establish a relationship 

That you will create an opportunity for personal growth for all the members of the family?

Accompanying peaceful families

A peaceful family is a family that exists 

in which one or more people are hard of hearing, deaf and/or mute.

As a result, they may wake up

Difficulties between family members.

How can the shared family space be developed?

Accompanying women after their first birth

You are after the first birth.

After a period of crazy hi you were wrapped and taken care of in every way.

Your partner went to work 

And you are alone with all the feelings and emotions

And with a baby who needs you every second.

How do you manage such a period well?

Accompanying connected families

You finally found a new relationship, 

After a divorce and a challenging period.

Now you want to move in together.

You both have children.

It is important for you to keep them and

The wonderful couple you found.

So how do you do it?

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